An exponential organization (ExO) is an organization “whose impact (or output) is disproportionally large, at least 10x larger, compared to its peers because of the use of new organizational techniques that leverage accelerating technologies.”

The ExO is rooted in Moore’s law which says that everything affected by computing will be transformed radically. The organizations that refuse to digitize will cease to exist. So how do you stay relevant and competitive? How do you build an exponential organization?

First of all, create an MTP (Massive Transformation Purpose). This is the reason you exist, what you want to achieve, your rationale for doing business. The next step is to SCALE your organization by leveraging people, resources, technology, and platforms.

External attributes of an exponential organization:

Staff on demand. Take advantage of the possibility to externalize work;

Community and crowd. Make people believe in your mission, your brand, your effort to affect positive change;

Algorithms. Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to collect, analyze and make the decisions based on available data;

Leveraged assets. Make the best use of assets. Rent or share if you can, it will give you the liberty to choose whatever you want to do;

Engagement. Invite people to co-create your story and use gamification techniques to keep them engaged.

The Exponential Organization

Internal Attributes of an exponential organization:

Interface processes

Dashboards. Develop easy ways to measure progress and insights into the organization. An easy way is to use OKR, Objectives and Key Results;

Experimentation. Use the lean start-up methodology to experiment with new ideas and processes. Allow yourself to risk and fail;

Autonomy. Empower people to work by their own set of rules. Give them the liberty to choose based on their interests and passions, and they will produce the best quality of work;

Social technology. Use sharing and communication tools to build cohesive teams.

Define your business model using Business Model Canvas, implement SCALE and IDEAS. You have just completed the most important steps in building an exponential organization.