The 2019 tech job landscape is not going to change much compared to 2018. Specialists in IoT, machine learning, Artificial intelligence and data scientists are still in high demand.

According to Sarah Toddard from Glassdoor, the latest developments in technology, everything from AI, automation, virtual reality, and cryptocurrency will create a high demand for jobs in engineering, product data science, marketing and sales to support these innovation initiatives.

The ten most in-demand tech jobs of 2019, as reported by the Tech Republic are:

1. Cybersecurity engineer

Security has become an increasing concern for companies and users in our interconnected world. This is the primary reason why companies are looking to hire skilled cybersecurity engineers. With the new developments in IoT and the collection of interconnected devices, a cyber-attack is a potential disaster. Cybersecurity engineers make sure that company’s initiatives remain safe from potential threats. They are in charge of knowing industry compliance and regulations and stay up to date with future trends in cybersecurity.

2. Machine learning engineer                                                                                

The use of AI and machine learning has determined an increase in the demand for specialists. A Linkedin research shows that last year recorded almost 1000% growth in the demand for machine learning engineers. A study by Capgemini reveals that most companies across Europe are complaining about the lack of highly qualified machine learning engineers. 

3. Artificial intelligence engineers                                                                            

The New York Times insights reported that in 2018 AI engineers are the best-paid engineers, with salaries between $ 300.000 and $ 500.000 per year, while the most skilled earn millions. If you are an AI and machine learning specialist, you are definitely in a position to choose what company you want to work for in the future.

4. Full stack developer                                                                                               

Full stack developers possess knowledge regarding every stage of new software development. They are not all specialists in software development, but they do know the basic principles of development starting from servers, networks, hosting, databases, QA, APIs, to UX and UI design, security and working with customers or business requirements. Indeed, the #1 job site worldwide, with over 200 million unique visitors per month, shows an exceptional demand for this job at the moment (over 15.870 open positions on December 30, 2018). This job requires strong programming skills, understanding of multiple programming languages, multiples years of experience working in various areas of software development, a diploma in computer science and an ability to collaborate well with clients.

5. Data scientist                                                                                                           

The data scientist has been the most in-demand job for the past three years in America and will continue to rise in popularity given the fact that all companies now have access to vast amounts of data. Companies will be looking for data scientists capable of gathering, processing and analysing data. An essential skill for data scientists is turning data into insights and actionable business tactics. Regarding qualifications, recruiters are looking for advanced degrees (master and PhD), strong analytical and mathematical skills.


6. Python developer                                                                                                    

The development of AI and machine learning technologies, has increased the demand for Python programmers. They are responsible for writing server-side web application logic. According to Toptal, Python programmers develop back-end components, connect the application with the other web services, and support the front-end developers by integrating their work with the Python application. The required skills for this job are proficiency in programming languages, analytics, communication and problem-solving.

7. Java developer                                                                                                          

On Workable, a Java developer’s roles and responsibilities are described as follows: “managing Java/Java EE application development while providing expertise in the full software development lifecycle, from concept and design to testing. A Java developer is responsible for designing, developing and delivering high-volume, low-latency applications for mission-critical systems”. In case this is a career path you’d like to follow, you should know that you are expected to have hands-on programming experience, knowledge of relational databases SQL or ORM technologies, expertise in Spring framework, and experience as a Sun Certified Java Developer. According to Payscale, the salary for this position starts at $49,082 and can reach up to $112,858 per annum.

8. Dev Ops Engineer                                                                                             '

DevOps work to speed-up code deployment and reduce failures; Many companies hire engineers with DevOps experience to oversee coding, scripting, and processes development. They are often in charge of managing IT infrastructure, monitor software testing and performance after release. High performing DevOps are skilled in coding and scripting, automation, data management, IT operations and communication.

9. Cloud engineer                                                                                                       

Cloud engineers develop, plan, design, install, manage, and are responsible for maintaining and supporting IT cloud systems. They work with cloud developers like Amazon Web Services, Open Stack or Microsoft Azure. Cloud engineers are expected to have a profound understanding of programming languages, APIs and DevOps, automation and Cloud Databases. As more companies move from on-premise to the cloud, the demand for experienced system cloud engineers will increase substantially. Candidates for this position can expect an annual salary of around $ 100 000.

10. IoT engineer                                                                                                               

IoT engineers specialise in cloud analytics, enterprise integration, platforms, connectivity and development. As businesses rely increasingly on IoT, they need professionals that can help the organisation stay on top of trends and compliance. If you’re considering this career path, you will need to be an expert in one or more niches of IoT, commit to continuous education, and brush up your leadership skills.

At the beginning of 2019, there will be a high demand for tech jobs but not many well-qualified employees available to take the jobs. Unemployment rates are very low in the tech sector. That’s why companies should pay extra attention to how they position themselves on the market to attract the best talent.