Workplace diversity is about making sure that mixed social identity groups are represented in public and private companies in any country.

However, diversity is more than a matter of representation. It is about respecting and valuing differences, whether they are gender, race, ethnic, communication or decision-making styles. Inclusion is the only way to make diversity scalable in an organization.

It is the responsibility of the leadership team to implement diversity and inclusion practices. Management has to ensure these values are lived by the employees every day. These practices will increase employee productivity and it will make them easier to recruit and retain.

The benefits of implementing inclusion practices are an improved capacity to connect with your clients, an increase in team productivity, more creativity and innovation. As companies become more globalised, teams will benefit from different approaches to problem problem-solving.

Here are five diversity and inclusion activities to adopt in your team:

1.Understand what drives people

Learn what motivates the people in your team. Discuss the most defining moments in their lives. Doing this will help you bond with team members.

2.Find out how your employees feel

The activity outside the office influences the performance of your team members. Understand how they feel before meetings to make sure you optimize their input.

3.Confront stereotypes

Move away from misconceptions and stereotypes by allowing individuals to talk about who they are.

4.Walk in someone else’s shoes

Get a sense of perspective by experiencing what others feel and how they think. Through empathy you can build an inclusive and diverse organizational culture.

5. Overcome bias

One way to overcome bias is to confront it directly in yourself and others.