The constant development of smartphones and technology have changed the consumer behavior, creating new ways to market. Users are now turning to a device to act on a specific need. 

Mobiles, tablets and laptops have forever changed the way we consume media. Smartphones have become indispensable in our daily routine, whether it is to check the weather, text a loved one or scroll through social media, the time we spend using our phones ads to more than two hours of our day.  

However, there are some crucial moments that are revolutionizing the marketing industry. The moments when users are turning to their phones to act on an explicit need. Google has sum up these needs as I-want-to-know, when I user is in research mode, I-want-do, when a user is searching for help, I-want-to-go, when a user searches for a store or place, I-want-to-buy, when a user is ready to make a purchase.  

In these moments, people expect an immediate answer that lines up with their expectations and there are drawn to brands that deliver on their needs. These are intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped. Taking into account these intent-rich moments, understanding them and meeting consumer´s needs will make brands successful. 

Micro-moments are game changers as users are not searching for a specific brand, they are looking for a service or product that will fulfill their needs then and there. Micro-moment marketing is vital for three reasons to follow.

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First, they are able to capture a user´s attention at the right time. The content created to target the intent-rich moments need to offer value to the user.

Second, they help build brand awareness, this will aid your company to stay in the mind of the consumer in a want-to-know moment. 

Third, it delivers competitive advantage. As you are satisfying user expectations, this can lead to sales or the use of your services. By using micro-moments, your brand will be up to date in the market. 

The best way to market to the micro-moments is to have in mind the five W´s. The Who, understanding your demographics as well as the pain points and needs. The What, build a strategy to anticipate what your target audience would want-to-know/buy. The Where, search where they would search. Something that can help is checking where people go on your website. The When, can help developing a smart and performance-driven micro-moment marketing campaign. And lastly, the Why, highlight what makes your brand special and why should they choose you versus a competitor. 

Micro-moment marketing is key to success, knowing and understanding what your audience wants to improve the customer journey and raise brand awareness.