Transport and mobility is an enormous industry and technology is poised to radically reshape it. From the areas of software and big data to modern hardware solutions, the transportation industry is seeing shifts that we have never seen before. The future of mobility includes things like all electric cars and trucks, self driving vehicles, software e-hailing services, and he even knew types of transport we haven't seen before.


New Energy

We are already in the first wave of the future of mobility: alternative energy sources. It's clear that more and more car  companies Tesla, BMW, and Toyota, are designing alternatively powered cars and trucks like we have never seen before. In fact, beyond traditional electricity, the Toyota Mirai is completely powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

The distances of these vehicles can travel in a charge is now becoming competitive with traditional energy sources and as such more and more individuals and companies are switching to renewable options. For example, Amazon recently ordered 100,000 vehicles from electric truck manufacturer Rivian in order to convert it's fleet to electric. Major airlines have even promised to make fuel efficient planes, and perhaps in the future we will see planes powered by alternative energy sources as well.

Self Driving Cars

Self driving cars, and autonomous vehicles more generally, have some very impressive prospects in changing the transportation industry as we know it. Autonomous vehicles are only available in a limited capacity right now, major car manufacturers like Tesla and Mercedes-Benz have already autonomous features into their current lineups. 

Autonomous vehicles could significantly reduce collision rates and traffic on the road. Further, the cars and trucks could use hardware and software to drive in the most energy efficient manner possible. With autonomous vehicles, everything from getting a package delivered to going to work could be faster, safer, and more sustainable.

Self driving cars


E-Hailing applications like Uber and Cabify have been changing transportation for years now. They have change the way we hail a ride and get around cities all across the world. But, the services have the potential to do much more in the future, that is why investors are so excited. McKinsey and Co estimates that anual investment in the sector has reached $11.4 Billion USD. 

The current state of e-hailing services is likely temporary. It is not difficult to envision a world where the e-hailing services use self driving cars. In this world, personal cars would be unnecessary and private transport generally would be ordered on an app on demand.

New Transport

“We have planes, trains, automobiles and boats, ... What if there was a fifth mode?” - Elon Musk.

Looking into the future, we should expect to see many new transport methods that haven't been thought of yet. Elon Musk’s hyperloop is a great example of what could be. It's just a matter of seeing what the next great innovator does next.